Offbeat adventurer Evinrude Jones and his dog Fred stumble across the Fountain of Youth and a treasure left in the swamp by Ponce de Leon.

Spectacular, unusual look into the Florida Outback. Powerful soundtrack. Great for kids, compelling for adults.

You will not forget this eco-fable. Neither will your kids. They will watch it over and over, sometimes hundreds of times.

star star star star

“Laugh out loud funny!!!”

The Dove Foundation

star star star star

“Alice in Wonderland by way of Luis Bunuel!”

Creative Journal

“Every school child in America should see this film”

Rama Malone

“Very Highly Recommended”

Library Journal

“Fell off my couch laughing!”

Janet Reno, Attorney General USA

“This is my favorite movie of all time!”

9-year-old Will Schallock