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Based on a novel written by Elizabeth Coatesworth of Nobleboro, Maine, this unusual film was shot in 35MM with PANAVISION equipment in one of the most remote areas of Florida in 1981.  Rerecorded in DOLBY stereo at EMI Borehamwood studios in England - by the people that invented DOLBY - The Enchanted was immediately invited to many different film festivals worldwide.

Signed by Castle Hill Productions and Palisades (Manley) International, it screened at the Miami Film Festival, the USA Film Festival in Dallas and at Cannes. Marketed as a Florida Folk Mystery, it had a staggered theatrical release through General Cinema in the US, sold into numerous venues internationally, became CBS Movie of the Week for 2 showings, and had a 12 year syndicated television release into the US and Canadian domestic markets.

Recently it has developed a “cult classic” status on You Tube, generating over 40,000 views with a low-quality, pirated, filmed-off-the-TV version. It has just now been rereleased and is available to be economically streamed in its original and complete, high-quality format on this website, on Vimeo, or on  It is also available for purchase as a DVD.

Rated PG, it is suitable for people 12 years old and above.  It is a very clean film, has only one profanity and one situation where a man and woman inhabit the same house while being unmarried but with no nudity or sexual suggestion.



Deep in the backwoods of Florida is a mysterious place called Hole in the Wall.  For centuries, magical things have happened here.  36 year old Royce Hagan, last surviving member of a family of Florida poor-white pioneers, returns from a life at sea to reclaim his old family homestead and get back to his roots.

Still living in the area is 60 year old Booker T. Robertson, known locally as "the best hunter that ever lived in this part of Florida."  Booker welcomes Royce home with open arms but warns him against becoming too familiar with the mysterious Perdrys, a strange family living in the woods nearby.

Booker's understanding of the Hole in the Wall woods is slowly revealed to Royce - the secret of a hole between two worlds and the Enchanted Ones who are allowed to pass between them.

Director of Photography   Mike Levine
Director of Photography Mike Levine
Director with Scamp
Director with Scamp